Indore : The recent rift between the lawyers and the builder’s community has brought different voices from the multifarious sections of the society. With most of them indicating a shaken trust in the court of law and mainly its practitioners.The week-long controversy on a builder of the city over the alleged case of assault and loot leading to lawyers staging a chakka jam on this issue. Followed by call of strike from the lawyers has been creating lot of trouble in the city and has even heated a debate over the matter of resolving issue in the court of law or by building up a pressure through unwanted protests.

Free Press spoke to various people in the city and tried to capture their views on  the issue.

Anil Dubey, a middle aged accountant expressed extreme grief on the attitude of lawyers and said, “Lawyers belong to those section of the society who are expected to do everything as per as the law. But, the recent incident in the city is sending out complete wrong information to the society. As, practitioners of the law are themselves not taking up the path of law to resolve their issue so what can be expected from others.”

Shiphi Sharma, a young Physiotherapist said, “Now, if lawyers are not trusting the law to resolve their issue, then how can we entrust our faith in them expecting justice to be delivered to the innocent person. Moreover, all these protests and Dharna’s are a display of their man power and nothing else.”

The fight has definitely taken up the egoistical turn between the lawyer and the building community in proving their strength and power in the city.

Dinesh Sawnekar, a student said, “Attacks and counter attacks have become a part of our society. Be it politicians or people in general, everyone is just in a rush to prove himself as self-righteous. And, in this case to the matter is being exaggerated extensively just to prove their ego.”

Veena Sharma, a house wife we met in the market, was more concerned about the loss of courts time because of the strike and said, “It’s really pity to see the time of court getting wasted when the matter could have been settled if dealt with legalities. Already, our courts have tons of cases in pending amid of which this strike is just giving an invalid reason to linger those tons of pending cases.”

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