Exam Tips: Work on fundamentals, says mathematics expert Shravan Singh

Think of board exams and students feel nervous, anxious and depressed. Beating exam phobia is easy if one gets proper guidance. Mathematics teacher Shravan Singh Savner shared following tips with Free Press to help students score well in the examination.

New exam pattern

Question paper consists of 4 sections that carry 80 marks.

Section A (20 marks): It consists of multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, very short answer type questions and one word or sentence type questions of 1 mark each.

Section B (12 marks): It consists of short answer type questions of 2 marks each.

Section C (24 marks): It consists of long answer type-I questions of 4 marks each.

Section D (24 marks): It consists of long answer type-II questions of 6 marks each.

Mathematics course structure

Unit No. Name of Unit Marks

I Relations & Functions 08

II Algebra 10

III Calculus 35

IV Vector and three dimensional geometry 14

V Linear programming 05

VI Probability 08

  • Total (Theory Exam.) = 80

  • Internal Assessment = 20

  • Grand total = 100

Important topics

* Types of relation, one-one and onto functions.

* Properties of determinants, inverse of a matrix.

* Continuity and differentiability of a function, rate of change of quantities, increasing and decreasing functions, maxima and minima of functions.

* Integration, properties of definite integration, area between two curves.

* Homogeneous & linear differential equations.

* Scalar and vector product of two vectors, condition on co-planarity of four points.

* Shortest distance between two lines, equation of plane in different cases.

* Corner point method to solve LPP, transportation problem.

* Conditional probability, theorem on total probability, Bay’s theorem.

How to prepare?

* Work on fundamentals; try to understand concepts behind each question.

* Revise all topics regularly.

* Make a sheet of important concepts, formulae and paste near your study table for constant revision.

* Have a positive attitude.

* Practice sample papers & previous years’ question papers.

* Take pre-board exams seriously.

How to attempt?

* Revise all formulae and important topics early in morning.

* Read the instructions given in the question paper carefully.

* Answer the easiest ones first.

* Try and attempt all questions, if complete solution to a particular question is not known, write formulae used in the problem.

* Manage your time.

* Take rest and devote some time for meditation, yoga and exercise.

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