Doc's advise to combat Covid 19: Eat healthy, be happy

Doing regular exercise and eating healthy food along with social distancing, masks and sanitisation (SMS) have become new normal at the time of Covid-19 pandemic. Taking care of your family and being happy about life and equally important during this period.These were the tips and opinions given by doctors at the Open Forum on Health Awareness Session organised by Indore Management Association (IMA) through a webinar for management professionals and students.

The session featured a discussion on Clinical Evaluation & Lab Diagnosis, Plasma Therapy, and Precautionary Measures for Industries, Keeping a Happy & Healthy Heart.The speakers of the session were Dr Satish Joshi, President, Indian Medical Association, Indore, Dr Sadhna Sodani, Director, Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic, Dr Bharat Rawat, Associate Director, Cardiology & Lifestyle Guide, Medanta Hospital, Indore, Dr Sourabh Malviya, Member, Covid Medical Board & Joint Director, IMA-CGP.The key points of the session were that "Modern medicine has lead to a surge in average life expectancy, which was only about 36 in the late 1800s.

With humans routinely living into their 100s, advances in medical science are to be thanked".The doctors lay emphasis that the clinical evaluation is an essential part of the entire process of being treated. Depending on the clinical judgment, doctors suggest few investigations which are required to reach a particular diagnosis. Any laboratory diagnostic test should be reliable, valid, accurate, precise, sensitive, specific; and NABLcertified labs fulfil all these criteria. Doctors suggest that regular health checkups keep you updated about the status of the body. In the current scenario, we need to adapt to "new normal". Healthy lifestyle and food boost immunity to fight against infections. The typical way of transmission in the current pandemic of Covid-19 is person to person and surfaces to person. Here lies the role of SMS that is social distancing, mask and sanitisation.

The laboratory testing available for the Covid-19 is RT PCR, Antigen and Antibody tests. RT PCR is the gold standard for detecting the virus in the Nasopharynx. The antigen test is for detection of Covid virus on site. The antibody test is for Sero surveillance and not for the diagnosis of Covid-19. Clinical evaluation forms a very important part of your treatment and may require laboratory tests which should have characters like precision, accuracy, sensitivity and specificity for correct diagnosis.

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