Zoo premises being sanitised
Zoo premises being sanitised

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): As infection among animals is also on rise, Kamla Nehru Prani Sanghralaya is working to boost immunity of animals especially exotic animals brought from other countries.

Special preventive measures including changes in diet have been taken specially for big, wild cats. City zoo has highest population of lions and tigers in the country.

To support their immunity, medicines are given to exotic animals, exotic birds and wild animals. For birds, protection of eyes is of prime importance. Hence, medicine is put in their eyes to prevent them from overheating and contracting infection. This is also done so that their immunity to fight diseases and weather changes boosts.

The cages are also sanitised regularly. Although no such infection has been detected in any bird yet, Indore zoo has taken it as preventive measure.

Enclosures being sanitised
Enclosures being sanitised

Over 250 exotic birds

Over 250 birds of 22 species live in the bird aviary at Indore zoo. Many of them were brought from other countries like South Africa, America and Australia. The bird house built measuring 980 sq ft costs Rs 1.5 crore. Golden Finches, three pairs of Macaw Hyacinth, Goffin cockatoo, Sulfur crest cockatoo bird will be a part of this aviary soon.

To protect Iguana, its food is washed with salt water.

The world's largest lizard named iguana is being given green vegetables in the morning and evening. Spinach and tomatoes are given in combination to boost its immunity. These vegetables are not kept in the cage for an extended period of time.

In the morning, they are given vegetables after washing with salt water. The iguanas are up to 3 metres long and can weigh up to 50 kg.

It is found in North and South America. It is also reared in domestic form due to its calm and radiant nature.

Forest feel for animals due to lockdown

City zoo incharge Uttam Yadav said, “All employees have been provided with corona protection items including masks, gloves and face shields. Besides, doctors are monitoring the food given to animals, birds and wildlife.”

Zoo premises and cages for animals are sanitized twice a day to protect them from infection. Due to janta curfew, the zoo remains rather stranded and quiet throughout the day, except for employees.

“This makes the wildlife feel like they are in a forest. At the same time, the atmosphere has also become better with less pollution,” Yadav said.

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