Swab samples being collected to be tested for COVID-19/ Representative pic
Swab samples being collected to be tested for COVID-19/ Representative pic

Indore: If you thought that getting cured of Covid-19 was a Great Deal, sample this…

Medical studies and observations have revealed that… after cure one has to be more careful. It is advised to monitor your vitals for close to three months and if one has blood pressure, sugar, heart ailments… the care has to intensify.

Free Press, in its endeavour to present the dismal picture makes it clear that this is an attempt to make people aware of things and not to press the panic button. Here are few cases…

Case 1: A 28-year-old man suffering from obesity and asthma was admitted to the hospital with severe COVID pneumonia and mild AKI. He was discharged in a stable condition after being left without oxygen for 3 days before discharge. Four days post discharge, he developed severe dyspnea at the time of defecation and was hospitalized immediately. On diagnosis, he was found suffering from pulmonary embolism and succumbed to the same.

Case 2: A 55 year- old man who recovered from Covid after moderate illness had restarted his routine activities and exercise but was found dead suddenly after a session of exercise. He had a sudden cardiac arrest.

Case 3: A 58-year old man suffering from diabetes and obesity recovered from COVID-19 but required two prolonged hospitalizations in view of post COVID fatigue and other related complications.

‘The Elephant in the Room’. This is what the doctors of the Medicine Department in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College feel about the COVID-19 disease.

HoD Dr VP Pandey said corona virus is a novel virus and there is a lot of studies required to be done to understand it properly.

“As per our observational study on the patients which were treated of COVID-19 in hospitals associated with MGM Medical College, we found that most patients of mild to moderate symptoms are recovering well but there are a significant number of patients who are falling ill after recovery and succumbing to various illnesses. A major cause of these morbidities and mortalities is that ‘No Follow Up’ is done by the patients as well as by the doctors to the majority of recovered patients,” Dr Pandey explained.

He said that no one can claim that he/she is recovered fully from the disease and cannot ensure that they won’t have any complications ahead.

“As the virus is novel, how and at what intensity it is affecting other vital organs is still under research. However, after lungs, the disease is affecting the heart, kidney, and brain as well,” he added.

The expert advised people to be extra careful for at least three months after the disease as time is required to get other organs to recover.

Post COVID complications

Respiratory illness: Most patients with severe respiratory involvement have significant persistent symptoms for weeks and almost 5-10 per cent of these patients require prolonged need of domiciliary oxygen therapy after discharge.

Post-COVID ILD: Interstitial Lung Disease is a frequently seen entity in COVID. Muscle weakness, exercise limitation, physical and psychological sequelae, and decreased physical quality of life are now well known.

Non- respiratory COVID Complications: It includes increased incidence of thrombotic complications, cardiovascular illnesses, cerebrovascular events, acute kidney injury and pancreatitis. Cardiac and renal illnesses must be cared for specifically.

Uncommon complications: It includes intracranial tension, myocarditis, tubulointerstitial nephritis, papillitis, and GBS. Patients having anti-viral drugs, plasma therapy may also suffer from various infections and diseases lately.


The virus is really novel and albeit the fact that the rate of recovery is about 65 per cent, you needn’t quite chill after your recovery. The virus and its ways are new to all, including virologists and doctors and thus experts are still learning its ways and the ills of the virus. If doctors are to be believed and utmost care has to be taken post recovery, patients who have come back from the jaw of covid must be given an environment where they can recover. For these, they may be allowed to work from home and there should be no hurry to get them back to office as that might spell disaster for his/her colleagues and the organization in a whole. There has to be a humane approach in bringing them back to the normal life. We need to understand that life is precious and unnecessarily he/his should not be pressured. We all need to restructure our thinking as we are all going through a disastrous time…

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