Babus in Lok Ayukta net for taking bribe

Indore: The Lok Ayukta police, on Monday snatched masks from two corrupt babus posted in different department in Indore. The babus were caught while accepting bribe and booked under relevant sections of the Prevention for Corruption Act.Special Armed Force ( SAF) constable Satish Sharma had presented a Rs 45000 bill of medical expenditure incurred on his wife’s treatment for clearance at polyclinic.

Babus in Lok Ayukta net for taking bribe

But, pharmacist Vijendra Gupta denied clearing the bill until his palms are greased.He demanded Rs 3000 for clearing the bill.Sharma did not bow to his illegal demand and lodged a complaint with the Lok Ayukta police.The Lok Ayukta police laid a trap to nab the corrupt pharmacist. They sent Sharma with the amount to Gupta, who was caught while accepting the bribe by the Lok Ayukta sleuths.

Similarly, a babu posted at local office of Madhya Pradesh Housing Board ( MPHB) caught in the trap laid by the Lok Ayukta sleuths while accepting Rs 3000 as bribe.Mahesh Jain had purchased a house in the name of his wife Premlata from Ramprasad.To get the house transfer in the name of his wife, Jain had applied at the local office of MPHB. But, babu Krishna Kumar Sharma demanded Rs 10000 from Jain as bribe to help his work done.

Jain gave Rs 7000 and requested Sharma to get the house transferred in the name of his wife but the babu demanded Rs 3000 more and called with the money to his house.Before going to Sharma with the amount, Jain reached the Lok Ayukta police and lodged a complaint.The Lok Ayukta sleuths laid a trap to nab Sharma and sent Jain with the demanded amount.

Sharma met Jain in front at the Deputy Registrar’s office in Shukhliya and collected the bribe amount.As he kept the bribe amount in his pocket, the sleuths nabbed him immediately.Accused caught in both the cases were booked under Sections 7, 13( 1) D and 13( 2) of the Prevention for Corruption Act.

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