Online education
Online education
BL Soni

Indore: Art is the new language of teaching in the era of Covid-19, when online education is the way to impart knowledge. Involving art is an essential lesson for schools to refresh education systems with innovation and experiential learning.

Coronavirus outbreak has challenged our lives and along with it, it has brought a wave of changes in our lifestyle.

While going to school to study was the usual and obvious way until March, it seems less likely the future of the education system. In fact, a major change that is bound to leave its marks on the Indian education system is the technique and way of educating a child especially in middle and primary classes.

Until now, teaching mostly involves a teacher orally explaining the lesson and further asking students to pen down essential notes of the chapter. Reading the lessons and then writing the answers was the conventional way of teaching in maximum schools.

Now, with the challenge of online education, the usual way of teaching has seen a transformation. The transformation from teacher-centred pen-paper approach to content based teaching.

“In online classes, teachers cannot keep a tap on students focus as students are not physically around them,” UK Jha, chairperson of Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE School, said. He added that challenges of teaching via online portals is much more difficult.

“It is a teacher duty to ensure that students understands and learns, which can no more be done in usual way of instructing them and asking them to concentrate on lesson text,” Jha said.

Hence, the new way of teaching has evolved, which is built on the concept of experiential learning. “We cannot ask them to read and write at home alone and expect them to develop an understanding,” Jha said.

To stimulate learning, art is being used extensively to teach students. “Colours play an essential role in focus and better understanding so instead of talking about a 3D object in Maths, teachers have to show one and often, teach students how to build one,” Jha said.

He added putting up puppet shows, use of objects, project work and other techniques involving real objects and chemicals are more prevalent to make online education effective.

Enhancing understanding & creativity

“Teaching students using art and other techniques is bound to help in understanding and even creative growth. Students can not only understand but also visualise better using art techniques.”

- UK Jha, Chairperson, Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE School

Building independent individuals

“The concept of online education is helpful in giving independence to students. Due to this new system, students are bound to learn, research and evaluate lessons on their own. This is helpful in self-growth and building independent individuals.”

- Reena Khurana, Former chairperson, Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE School

Deal with anxiety & learn

“This academic year the teachers and students both have to take responsibility and to re-construct their skills. Art helps in dealing with anxiety as well as works one of the best ways of upskilling students.”

- Jaydeb Kar, CBSE Helpline Counsellor

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