Truck passing through Khattali  raise dust, causing ailments to villagers
Truck passing through Khattali raise dust, causing ailments to villagers

Alirajpur / Khattali (Madhya Pradesh): The residents of Khattali village in Alirajpur district are upset about the dilapidated Khandala approach road. They are equally peeved at the fact that contractor’s trucks passing through the village raise dust, which causes unease. The construction of Khattali- Nanpur road is underway and trucks carrying construction material pass through their village everyday.

“We feel cheated because neither the contractor pays heed nor administration listens,” a villager said wishing anonymity. “Dust is causing trouble to young children and old people. Villagers are forced to clean the house twice in a day due to dust every day,” another villager added.

When the villagers contacted contractor, he told them he can do nothing about it as construction work is on. “If you are too much troubled, put water on roads so that dust is not raised by trucks,” contractor told villagers.

The farmers, traders going to Alirajpur district headquarters face problems due to potholes on Khandala- Alirajpur Road as asphalt has crumbled leading to accidents.

The road was built years ago. No agency or state government department paid heed to it. “Biggest question - who will solve our dual problem? We don’t see hope soon,” a villager said.

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