Jain community members celebrating Archarya Vidyasagar Maharaj's 75th birthday at Reoti range on Saturday.
Jain community members celebrating Archarya Vidyasagar Maharaj's 75th birthday at Reoti range on Saturday.

Indore: Jain community celebrated birthday of Acharya Vidyasagar Maharaj on Saturday i.e. Sharad Purnima.

Sharing his thoughts, Acharya suggested everyone to adopt vegetarian lifestyle and adopt a healthy way of life in sync with environment.

Acharya came to Indore on January 5 and perhaps, Indore is first the city to have his presence for so long. His presence in the city on his 75th birthday brought delight to all his devotees.

Diwali-like celebrations seen in the city

Celebrating the presence of Acharya in Indore, Jain community celebrated his birthday like Diwali on Saturday. In Nemi Nagar Jain Colony, rangolis were prepared in front of houses and earthen lamps were lit. Lighting and other decorations were also seen.

On Regal square, a grand aarti of Acharya was performed by his followers. The entire square was lit with earthen lamps.

Devotees expressed their delight and gratitude towards Acharya and his presence in the city. Acharya said, “You can bring changes in your life by breaking free from the prison of ignorance and blessings of a saint.” He used the metaphor of jail inmates, who can be released from the prison by breaking free from bad habits.

“You too can bring changes in your life because inner change is the only symbol of religion,” Acharya said.

He discussed the pain of those serving their term in jail and urged people to take a resolve to build crime-free world. “Respect and save every life as your own and so that the entire jail becomes empty,” Acharya said.

He added that there is a need of guidance and change following our religion and bringing inner changes in people.

Vastu Puja of Residential Campus Land

Pratibhasthali Gyanodaya Vidya Peetha Revathi Range Gaushala Vastu Puja of 1600 Girls' Residential Campus Land was conducted on the birthday of Acharya. Acharya came to Indore after 21 years in January.

The reason being a trust of Jain community in Indore is incharge of 27 acres of land in Revti village, Sanwer district. Acharya wanted to build an education centre on this land.

The trust had gathered Rs 3 crore in 2015. However, the education centre was not built. Unhappy with the use of land, Acharya came near Indore but never visited.

The process for changing land use was started by town and city planning director Rahul Jain before assembly elections. The approval for change of land use was received 5 months back.

Finally, on his birthday, Dr. Sandeep Jain, BL Jain, Arpit Patodi, Kamal Agrawal and other members performed vastu puja of the land where girls residential campus for 1600 students will be build.

Some Life lessons from the Acharya

Disciplined diet: Acharya has been following a strict diet with one part food, two parts water in a day for the last 50 years. He does not add any seasoning including salt and sugar to his food.

Being peaceful: Acharya chooses to remain quiet most of the time. He meditates and only shares limited knowledge in his sermons.

Minimise your consumption: Teach by example and that begins with Acharya not using electrical appliances and electricity in any form.

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