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Bindu Gopal Rao

Indore: There has been a lot of damage from forest fires during summer this year. More than 250 such forest fire incidents have been reported in the Indore forest division alone, of which the forest in Choral was worst affected.

These figures have been recorded between March and May. In government documents, 500 hectares of forest have been destroyed. While in reality more than 1000 hectares of forest area and many plantation sites have also been affected. Not only this, there are also many forest areas, where there have been fire incidents two to three times. There are three main reasons behind such forest fires.

Most of the forest area burnt

Through the Forest Survey of India (FSI) satellite, forests are monitored across the country. The forest department of Madhya Pradesh is also connected to this system. As soon as a fire occurs, the staff of the department is immediately sent a location through a message on the mobile.

This work has been going on for two years. According to the FSI website, more than 250 forest fires have been reported in Indore, Mhow, Manpur and Choral in the Indore forest division in the last 80 days. Most of the beats of the Choral range, ie the forest area, are affected. There are other forest areas including Ashapura, Rajpura, Kalakund, Gajinda, Rasakudia, Talai, Lohani Mata, Bherughat, Kulathana.

Reasons behind forest fires

- Due to the rise in temperature in summer, dry leaves start a fire, which takes a formidable form on sight.

According to local villagers, when a vow is completed, people set fire to the forest.

- People passing through forest area throw burning beedi-cigarettes, due to which the dry leaves in summer immediately catch fire.

In order to encroach, the local villagers set fire to them so that they could occupy the forest area.

According to forest officials, in summer, Mahua is also collected by villagers. During that time a fire is started to clean the surrounding areas.

Messages resumed from 2019

The forest department officials usually get to know about the forest fire from the villagers and staff. But due to dense forest, many times the information is delayed, causing a lot of damage to the forest.

Hence, a joint fire alert of the department and the FSI has been formed to save the forest. Two years ago i.e. from 2019, the facility of receiving messages from the satellite started again.

As soon as a fire occurs, instant messages are sent to CCF, CF, SDO and rangers. These messages are further sent to the designated range officer with the forest area name and contact number.

The system is linked to the mobile number found from the department. This information is conveyed to the concerned staff within 15 minutes.

Reported incidents of forest fires

March: 74

April: 156

May: 36

Fire every month

Range. March April May

Indore 24 33 8

Mhow 29 419 -

Choral 11 57 15

Manpur 10 28 4.

Forest areas affected

Indore Range: Chakli, Morad, Peepalda Nahar Jhabua, Devguradia, Nayapura.

Choral Range: Kulthana, Beka, Rasakudia, Kalakund, Gajinda, Umth, Beka, Cental-Mantle, Talai, Bherughat, Lohanimata, Surtipura, Ashapura.

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