'Tweets that did not age well': Twitter trolls Anupam Kher for old 2011 post on 'Govt not trusting its people'

In the era of the internet, there is a social media post for everything. And sometimes, the past may return without any warning.

Take Actor Anupam Kher's 2011 tweet for example.

Netizens dug deep to come up with the 9 year old tweet that said, "A govt. that does not trust its people cannot expect people to trust them. Coming on the streets is not out of choice but desperation."

Now, Kher had been talking about the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government. But many took the opportunity to take a jibe at him.

More recently, Kher had taken to Instagram to allege that a few people were working doggedly to de-stabilise the government. He had appealed to people to not let these factions succeed.

Take a look at what Twitter had to say:

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