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Tavleen Singh
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Author and columnist Tavleen Singh on Wednesday got into a Twitter battle with Meghna Girish, the mother of Akshay Girish, who was killed in the line of duty during the terror attack in Nagrota.

Singh, who was a staunch supporter of the Narendra Modi government until the Centre revoked the Overseas Citizen of India status of her son Aatish Taseer for ‘not disclosing in official documents’ that his father was the late Pakistan politician Salman Taseer’.

On Tuesday, soon after news of the Chinese apps were banned, Singh tweeted, “Now that Chinese apps have been banned will it scare Chinese soldiers into retreating from our territory?”

To which, Meghna Girish said, “Ridiculously uncaring and downright disrespectful comments after Col Babu & 19 braves gave their lives fighting to push back the Chinese soldiers. Did not expect this from you @tavleen_singh . You have lost all respect today.”

Singh, who said she was a daughter of a soldier, responded that symbolic gestures against China will never work.

To which Meghna Girish replied, “With due regard Ma'am, do you believe doing business as usual with those who attack our soldiers & nation is the way forward? Even symbolic gestures, like gestures of solidarity with a cause, strengthen and unify. You as journalist know that. How does sarcasm help?”

This is when people began trolling Singh for over Taseer’s Citizenship getting revoked by the Central government. Showing empathy to her, Meghna Girish said she ‘empathized with her as a mother’ but ‘cannot understand disregarding our soldiers commitment, courage and sacrifices in defending our nation.’

This is when Tavleen made it personal, saying that only people of the ‘urban balcony class’ shed crocodile tears for the soldiers. “I grew up in army stations and know people who fought and died for this country. I don’t need to wear my patriotism in my Twitter handle like BJP trolls do.”

To which Meghna Girish for whom losing someone in the armed forces is a personal loss, given it was her son replied, “No thank you for giving me an identity I do not deserve @tavleen_singh You just proved you cannot look beyond yourself. Just so you know, my family boat is also an armed Forces one and has seen much more turbulent waters than yours. Still shed real tears. Take care”

The Army did not take well to this, and certain individuals took to Twitter to criticise Singh. Maj Gen Harsha Kakar said, “You should know better Ms Tavleen Singh that strategies aren't discussed or talked about on TV Screens or on social media! Gosh! Today you disappointed me the second time.. She has no clue on what she talks. She has been adversely impacted by the changing of her son's status. Strategy if openly discussed is no longer a strategy. Hopefully some sense dawns.”

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