Updated on: Thursday, December 02, 2021, 12:22 PM IST

Sports Al Dente acquires Indian news website The Post India


Sports Al Dente is one of the rapidly growing news and updates websites in the sports domain. From NBA to WWE, and F1 to Wimbledon — Sports Al Dente is home to exclusive post-game analyses, exhaustive match reports, and exciting discussions. The website attracts over a million visits every month — a feat it owes to the impressive range of diverse and quality content, that's not only credible but also unbiased. With a gradual upward pace, the website is now looking to venture out to different domains and expand its already impressive coverage.

The newest addition to Sports Al Dente's ever-expanding content powerhouse is the Indian news website The Post India. This acquisition marks the beginning of Al Dente's plans for expansion in the Indian digital news scene. The Post India provides an already existing template for the company to utilize and tap into the massive potential it presents.

CEO of Sports Al Dente, Shubham Sharma talked about the significance of this new acquisition moving down. "We're really excited to grow out our branches in the sports news sector with the acquisition of The Post India. The decision to acquire the website came with our plans to extend our reach into sports news in India", said Sharma.

The Al Dente CEO also went on to add "we have been catering to sports enthusiasts all over the world. With The Post India, our goals are to replicate and multiply what we've been able to do with Al Dente. Covering not only the mainstream sports but also the more underrated and overlooked ones, we are looking to spread the word and promote a variety of sports in big markets like India."

Sharma also went on to add that the new acquisition also entails a new content strategy going forward. The Post India can prove to be the gamechanger for Al Dente as it provides a massive playing field with a lot of things to try and experiment with. Talking about the sports content plan for The Post India, Sharma added, "the best thing about this acquisition is that we don't only have the chance to expand our infrastructure but also venture out into different genres."

Sports Al Dente's acquisition of The Post India is one of the moves the company has made recently. This comes as a part of its plans to enter the wider news market. From new offices to be opened soon in the country, to various social initiatives, Al Dente has been progressively firming its grasp over the Indian market.

The structure and content curation for The Post India is already apace. With the rebranding under Sports Al Dente, the news website is soon to start hiring young authors and content creators. "Our biggest objective with this acquisition is to be able to cater to a large group of Indian audience with consistently high-quality content. We're looking at a true game-changer in terms of how digital news is curated and disseminated in the digital space. Our expert Al Dente staff has already started executing the layouts and designs for The Post India, both in terms of the aesthetics and content", added the CEO Shubham Sharma.

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Published on: Thursday, December 02, 2021, 12:22 PM IST