New Delhi :  It is not for nothing that the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh is called the remote control authority over the Bharatiya Janata Party. Its chief Mohanrao Bhagwat did not miss much time in delivering a hard knock on the knuckles of the two most powerful men in the BJP government and the party.

Within a day of prime minister Narendra Modi being projected as the hero of the 2014 election battle, and his describing Amit Shah as the man of match who made the victory possible under the captainship of Rajnath Singh at the party’s national council, Bhagwat came down hard on this mutual admiration society.

Debunking all claims by the BJP leaders about the reasons for their victory, Bhagwat said: “Some people are giving credit to the party while others are giving credit to some individuals. But the organisation and the party were there earlier too, and so were the individuals. What happened then? It is the people who are sovereign masters and who wanted the change during the elections. They brought the party to power. If the people are not happy, they could even change the government in the next elections.”

The Sangh is the BJP’s ideological mentor and it provides the BJP with the organizational backbone. There was no reference to its role in the BJP’s national council. Besides, the Sangh as an organization has always abhorred hero worship and the strongest example of this is the fact that right from its inception in 1925, the personality cult has been absent. Its founder Dr K B Hedgewar had opted for the saffron flag as the guru of the RSS, and not any personality. In the RSS scheme of things, it is the primacy of your being a swayamsewak that counts above anything else and this is fact that was acknowledged even by the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. However, in Modi’s case he has been above all such restrictions even as Gujarat chief minister.

However, Bhagwat has not struck a jarring note only on the credit for victory issue. He has once again brought to fore the Hindutva agenda by arguing that just as all people living in England are English, those living in France are French, and the ones in Germany are Germans similarly all those living in Hindustan are Hindus. It is quite a tough one considering that the other day, Modi had charged the Congress with playing vote bank politics by referring to communal polarisation leading to violence.

Expectedly, there has been no public comment from the BJP, but the NCP leader TariqAnwar has welcomed Bhagwat’s statement on the election victory. ‘‘Perhaps for the first time, he has said something that is correct. The people were looking for a change, and there was no alternative,” he said.

Anil Sharma

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