The brutality of the crime had unleashed a wave of public anger against a long-unspoken epidemic of sexual violence in the country

New Delhi : Public outcry and quest for justice after the December 16 gangrape prompted investigators to use new tools of probe to nail the culprits, the Delhi High Court said on Thursday.

Ruling out the possibility of foisting the case against the accused, the high court noted that the rape of a 23- year-old girl, hardly out of her teens, would have gone unnoticed as scores of other violations of infants, girls and women. “….but for fact that a public outraged at the manner in which the entrails of the ravished were culled out of her body, leaving her to die, stripped of all human dignity, completely unattired, in the darkness of a wintry night, on a thoroughfare, took to the streets in their quest for justice.

“This had the trigger effect of impelling the investigative agencies into using such tools of investigation as had lain in their tool-kit hitherto before practically unused, to nail the culprits,” a bench of justices Reva Khetrapal and Pratibha Rani said while stressing for sensitisation even the judges to gender issues.

Meanwhile, electronic evidence and advanced scientific techniques, including odontology report relating to bite marks on the victim’s body, nailed the culprits. A bench of Justice Reva Khetrapal and Pratibha Rani said the analysis of the bite marks on Nirbhaya’s body proved that they belonged to accused Ram Singh and Akshay.

“The result of the analysis proved that at least three bite marks were caused by accused Ram Singh, whereas one bite mark has been identified to have been most likely caused by accused Akshay,” the bench said.

In odontology report, the bite marks on victim’s body were matched with the teeth of convicts based on scientific principles. The bench also noted that the defence counsel could not point out any “flaw or error” in the electronic evidence chart corroborating the route and location of the accused and the victims.

‘Ultimate aim is noose for convicts’

Meanwhile, the parents of Nirbhaya said that their ultimate aim is to see the convicts face the gallows.

Soon after the verdict, they walked out holding each other’s hand and said “we are happy, but we would have been more happy if the criminals were awarded more than this.” “The way they had shamed the society, they deserve nothing less than this (hanging). We have got full faith in the judiciary. We had expected this verdict. But the ultimate satisfaction will be when the convicts meet their ultimate fate,” the mother of the victim said.

“Hume pura nyay tabhi milega jab hum inko faansi pe latakte dekh le (We will get justice only when we see all of them hanging),” she said, adding they will be at peace only after that. The mother, with tears in her eyes, said that since the day their daughter left them they have been living their lives with the sole goal of seeing the perpetrators get what they deserve, saying, “with this verdict not only I, but the people of this nation, who stood by us while protesting at India Gate will also be happy to hear this”.                       –PTI

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