Mumbai : After the stature of the Mum-bai police had been question-ed following the rape of a 28-year-old model by police offi-cers in Sakinaka, the Mumbai police are in the process of preparing a fresh blacklist of all officers who are involved in acts like womanising, alcoholism and drugs.

The Mumbai police had sought to prepare two blacklists at each police station and of the entire traffic department earlier this year. The fresh blacklist is now being compiled by the Special Branch, the Crime Branch and at every divisional level.

The blacklist by the three bodies of the Mumbai police is expected to be ready by May 30. “The list aims at identifying those whose integrity is doubtful as well as those with moral turpitude,” Commissioner of Police, Rakesh Maria, confirmed.

Those police officials who come under the blacklist would be withdrawn from postings at police stations. “Those officers who are involved in such acts will be isolated so that they are not in direct contact with the public. Women’s safety is of prime importance and we are aiming to isolate those who are involved in womanising so as to reduce the threat to women security. The officers will also be subjected to counseling to help them overcome alcoholism and consumption of drugs,” Maria added.

Commenting on the recent transfer of the 35 police officers attached with the Mumbai traffic department to the local arms division, Maria said that the transfers were made solely on the basis of non-performance and unfitness. The Commissioner claimed that he had held a meeting with senior officers of the traffic department a month-and-a-half ago in which he had asked for the submission of a report of the force on grounds of aptitude, medical fitness and performance on the basis of which, the transfers were made.

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