PM Modi recalls valour of Indian soldiers in Kargil War, says wars fought on borders and within nation too

New Delhi

Hailing the valour of the armed forces during the Kargil war, PM Narendra Modi on Sunday asked people to speak and act keeping in mind the morale of soldiers and asserted wars are fought not just on borders but on many fronts within the country too. In his monthly 'Mann ki Baat' radio address, which coincided with the 21st anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas, the Prime Minister also hit out at Pakistan for the conflict and said Islamabad responded to New Delhi's hand of friendship by stabbing it in the back.

Modi seemingly took a sharp and veiled swipe at China also, referring to “land grab” efforts by Pakistan du­r­ing the Kargil War and its final fate. Using Sanskrit phrases, the PM in his signature style, sent out a word of caution to the dragon, talking about "backstabbing" by Pakistan. He cited a Sanskrit phrase “Bairu akaran sab kahu sau, Jo kar heet anheet tahu sau”, which roughly translates into “dusht” (wi­cked) who thinks evil of even those who mean “good”.

This powerful assertion comes soon after Modi used the term “Bharat ki bhoomi hathyane” (land grab) by Pakistan during the Kargil War, which he said was an effort to “divert attention from its internal quarrels”.

While the PM was hitting out at Pakistan which was met with India's resolute force, the subtle message to China was unmissable. People must remember their conduct and remar­ks should boost the morale and respect of soldiers, Modi said, urging everyone to do everything to further national unity. Modi recalled the late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Independence Day speech after the Kargil war and said it is relevant even today.

Santokhi oath

It is “a matter of pride” for all Indians that Suriname's new President Chandrika Parasad Santokhi took the oath of office holding the Vedas and began it with Vedic hymns, Modi said.

Santokhi, Modi said, started his oath with Vedic hymns and spoke in Sanskrit. He referred to the Vedas and concluded his oath with 'Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti', the PM observed.

"Holding the Vedas in his hand he said, 'I, Chandrika Prasad Santokhi', and, further what did he say in his oath? He recited a hymn from the Vedas itself. He said, 'hey Agni, fire, the god of resolve, I am taking an oath. Give me strength and capability for this. Bless me so that I keep away from untruth and move towards truth'. Truly, this, for all of us, is a matter of pride” Modi said.

Congratulates Panipat girl

Modi lauded Panipat girl Kritika Nandal for passing the class 12 Board examination with flying colours.

Kritika (17), who hails from Mehrana village in Haryana's Panipat district, secured over 96% marks.

Zaitoona Begum's mention

The sleepy foothill village of Waliwar in J&K’s Ganderbal district started buzzing with activity on Sunday when PM Modi praised Zaitoona Begum, the village sarpanch.

Zaitoona Begum (51) was praised by Modi for leading a Covid-19 prevention campaign in the remote Waliwar village in Lar tehsil.

Her efforts to distribute free face masks and sanitisers and to lead an awareness campaign among the villagers found special mention. Soon after, the villagers rushed to greet their sarpanch.

UP boy overjoyed

Usman Saifi was on cloud nine after PM Modi spoke to him. A student of Hira International School, Amroha, Usman secured 98.2% marks in the class 12 exams. The PM congratulated him for passing the board exams and asked him about his ambitions in life. Saifi told the Prime Minister he is preparing for JEE Mains to be held in September and wished to get into an IIT.

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