PM faces deluge of protests


The monsoon has arrived and has covered most parts of the country, but the “temper” and “temperament” of the opposition parties have increased manifold over these months and it see­med they had come to Parliament on Monday with a rage to display their anger on the ruling party over several issues. And in return, the PM had also spo­ke his mind when he said, “Su­ch a "negative mindset" has never been seen in Parl­iament.”

As the PM rose in Lok Sabha to introduce the new inisters, Opposition members created an uproar by raising slogans. Dismayed over the disruption, Modi said, it should make everyone proud that several women, many people belonging to the SC and ST community have taken oath as ministers.


“It seems some people cannot digest that more women, SC, ST and OBC community members are becoming ministers,” Modi said, and noted several new ministers are children of farmers and also belong to OBC communities.

“It is a matter of pride people from rural India, who come from ordinary families have taken oath as ministers. Some people don't want ministers to be introduced. They have an anti-women mindset since they do not want women ministers to be introduced to the House,” he said.


Earlier, the PM said the Opposition should ask the sharpest and toughest of questions in Parliament but asserted the govt should be allowed to respond to them in a cordial environment. Modi said he wants meaningful discussions in Parliament over the Covid pandemic.

"Till now, 40 crore Indians have become ‘Bahubali’ by taking vaccination on their arms," said Narendra Modi, PM.

Free Press Journal