Kochi: Popularly called “Metroman”, E. Sreedharan who revolutionised commuter travel in the national capital through the Delhi Metro Rail system, Monday dismissed reports that he will join the cabinet of prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi.

“Haven’t you heard of the coinage ‘kite flying’? That’s what is happening now. Neither have I contacted the BJP, nor have they come up with a ministerial post for me,” said the 82-year-old retired Indian Engineering Service official.

The media in the state is abuzz with speculation that Sreedharan would be made a junior minister in the railways.

Sreedharan has to his credit the building of the Konkan railway line after which he stewarded the Delhi Metro. He is now in charge of making the Kochi Metro a reality with the first train scheduled to run Dec 31, 2015.

Free Press Journal