Mau/Chandauli/Mirzapur (UP): PM Modi on Thursday said the love of the Mamata Banerjeepeople towards him increases with the abuses hurled at him, claiming that the opposition alliance in Uttar Pradesh is now sensing defeat. “All the mahamilawatis including the SP and the BSP are in low spirits today seeing their impending defeat in the Lok Sabha elections,” he said at an election rally in Chandauli.

“As the dose of the rivals’ abuses increases, the people are increasing their dose of trust and love too,” he said at another meeting in Mirzapur. He also addressed a meeting in Mau, where he blamed Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool for the violence during Amit Shah’s roadshow in Kolkata on Tuesday.

Modi promised that his government will install a grand statue of Bengal icon Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar in place of the one smashed during the violence. Thirteen seats, out of the 80 in UP, will go to the polls in the last round of the election on Sunday.

The BJP, which won 71 seats on its own in 2014 now faces an alliance of BSP, SP and the RLD in state. “These parties had started the campaign in the name of ‘Modi hatao’ (remove Modi),” the PM said. He added the opposition had failed to pick a common prime ministerial common prime ministerial candidate.

“They had also got a picture clicked, hand in hand on the dais in Bengaluru. But once the issue of the PM came up, all of them started blowing their own trumpet,” Modi said. “Those with eight seats, 10 seats, 20 to 22 seats, 30 to 35 seats, all started dreaming of becoming the PM,” he said.