Modi right on Bangla  infiltrators, says Jaitley

NEW DELHI : Rajya Sabha Opposition leader Arun Jaitley on Tuesday justified Narendra Modi’s stance against the Bangladeshi “infiltrators” as legitimate in retaliation to the Congress and other parties accusing him for such talk triggering the Bodo attacks on the Muslims in Assam with toll touching 50.

In his daily diary, he wants us to understand the difference between an infiltrator and a refugee. He says: “A refugee is a person who on account of his religious beliefs or political views is persecuted. An infiltrator gate-crashes only for economic opportunities. To place them at par would be naive. I have a lurking suspicion for critics of this view understand the distinction but compulsions of vote bank won’t make them agree to this view.”

Jaitley asserted that a section of the Congress leadership in Assam had consciously followed the policy of encouraging infiltration since they wanted to offset the domination of the ethnic Assamese in Assam. Mass infiltration of Bangladeshis has changed the demographic character of Assam, West Bengal and some districts of Bihar, he said.

He said it would seriously concern any patriotic Indian as “it is pressure of economic resources; it is a pressure on land; it impacts national security.”

Jaitley went on to point out it was not only his BJP’s stand that the infiltration must be stopped and the infiltrators must be sent back, but even the Supreme Court described it as a silent invasion of India, while striking down the regulations putting onus on the government rather than the infiltrator on the issue of identification of citizenship.

“The root cause of social tension in several parts of North-east is infiltration. Some political parties in Assam and West Bengal have regrettably made infiltration into a secular cause because infiltrators are their vote bank,” he added.

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