There is no employment guarantee in Gujarat, says Congress. 12.49 lakh youth applied for just 1500 posts of ‘Talati’ (patwari)


NEW DELHI : This is a sad tale of the unemployed youth in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat paying Rs 10 lakh as bribe for a petty job of a patwari and that too at fixed monthly salary of Rs 5,300 for just five years.

The Congress on Tuesday had a dig at the BJP’s PM candidate marketing the Gujarat model of development, citing how 12.49 lakh youth applied for just 1500 posts of “Talati” (patwari).

“It nails the lie of Modi in public rallies all over the country that he guarantees employment to every youth in Gujarat,” said party spokesman Shakti Sinh Gohil, a former leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly.

He told at the AICC press briefing here that still worse was the bribe of Rs

10 lakh per head extracted by a BJP henchman to guarantee the posts.

The crook is none else but Kalyan Sinh Champawat, who often shares dais with Modi and operates as a trainer for the BJP and RSS cadres, Gohil said, pointing out that he has been nabbed by Police with lakhs of rupees and a currency counting machine.

“This major cash-for-job racket exposes Modi’s marketing lie of the Gujarat model of development offering abundant employment opportunities,” he affirmed.

Quoting from the Gujarat Government’s own publication on the state’s socio economic analysis, he pointed out how unemployment has shot up in Gujarat, belying all claims of Modi to provide jobs to every hand in the state.

If the jobs were so easily available, why should lakhs apply for just 1500 posts and shell out Rs 10 lakh for the posts at the petty salary of Rs 5300 per month for five years, Gohil asked.

He pointed out that there were just 8,129 unemployed post-graduates during the Congress rule, but their number has now shot up to a staggering 52,538.

Even the employment in the state government is shrinking. As against 2.15 lakh government employees in 1995, their number has dipped to 1.74 lakh instead of rising with the increase in the population. The same is the case with the semi-government employees, whose number dropped by 80,000 during the Modi regime, the Congress spokesman said.

He said, Gujarat always led in creating the employment generating industries, but the small and cottage industry that creates many jobs is almost dad as a result of the Modi’s model of development. He claimed only big industrialists who offered fat funds to Modi get all benefits in Gujarat and this has resulted in an unprecedented increase of unemployment in the state.


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