New Delhi: Narendra Modi, who bounc-ed back to a resounding victory and got a reception fit for a king at the BJP headquarters on a rainy evening, attributed the grand victory to the nation, democracy and the masses. Displaying a statesman like spirit, Modi said, “If anybody has emerged victorious, it is Hindustan, democracy and the public.

All of us dedicate this victory to the public. This is not Modi’s victory. This is the victory of those aspiring for an honest way of life. Citizens realised their taxes were being put to good use. This voters also acknowledged some of our initiatives in health care, reforms as well as GST.”

Modi drew a thunderous applause when he acknowledged the support of the masses who had filled a “Fakir’s jholi.”At the same time, he advised the party cadres not to forget their values. “We have to accept this victory with humility. Even a majority government is to be run by consensus.  I promise that every moment of my life will be dedicated to the service of my countrymen.

I will take everybody along, including our opponents, in the interest of the nation. I don’t want to remember who said what during elections but move on. I want to promise my countrymen who have reposed so much faith in me that I may make mistakes but I will do nothing with bad intent.”

Modi also said that the public has put a new narrative before the country. “Those who have been playing on caste lines have been trounced. In the 21st century, we have to empower two categories of people – the poor, who want to uplift themselves and those who want to contribute to poverty alleviation.”

A large number of party workers, supporters and journalists assembled at the BJP headquarters and waited over two hours — first braving the heat and then the rain — to hear Modi. Modi promised to take the country to greater heights by 2024; India will be observing the 75th anniversary of its Independence in 2022, another key benchmark for his government for delivery of poll pledges