New Delhi : Reacting to the unprecedented ugly scenes in the Lok Sabha over introduction of the Telangana Bill, Rajya Sabha, Opposition leader Arun Jaitly on Thursday called the Parliament the ‘theatre of the absurd’, saying that the ugly scene could have been avoided only if the Congress leadership had done adequate home work and were able to control its own members.

He said the Parliament pandemonium exposes incompetence of the ruling Congress. “It is only the Congress, which must take the responsibility for completely mishandling the situation.”

Pointing out that the BJP has repeatedly maintained that the UPA has lost the will to rule or take and implement political decisions, he tweeted, “What has happened today is on account of the UPA’s inability to handle the political situation arising out of the proposal to create the state of Telangana.

“The Congress Party itself is vertically split. Its Members of Parliament from Andhra Pradesh are predominantly responsible for ensuring that Parliament is unable to function effectively. Its Chief Minister has ensured that administration in

the state is completely


He said Thursday”s incidents in the Lok Sabha were a serious blow to India’s Parliamentary democracy since “dangerous and prohibited devices were used to block the Parliamentary proceedings.”

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