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Indore: Even as the administration had cracked the whip, Kothari Market area remained as the most polluted area in terms of both air pollution and noise pollution.

As per the report released by regional office of Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board, the level of pollution remained more than double as compared to the last year’s level on the same day.

However, it remained less than the level of pollution reported in 2018 and 2017.

“The level of pollution was low in 2019 due to the rainfall which took place on the D-Day,” chief scientist of pollution control board Dr DK Waghela said.

The report revealed that Kothari Market was the most polluted area followed by Vijay Nagar and DIG Office area.

“Every year, we monitor the pollution data on the day on Diwali only we had decided to monitor the data for few days more before and after Diwali,” he added.

“The monitoring was conducted at Kothari Market, DIG Office, and Vijay Nagar and after analyzing the data collected, average level of pollution was highest in Kothari Market. The average air quality index of Kothari Market was 216 on November 14 while the average of PM10 was reached to 196.6, PM2.5 was 98.6, sulphur di oxide was 28.3 microgram per meter cube, and nitrogen oxide was 38.6 microgram per meter cube,” Waghela added.

The pollution level during Dussehra was at the lowest and it was remained low in city during Diwali.

City felt smoke at night

Due to the use of firecrackers, a smoke was seen across the city in night and the level of pollution remained high even when the firecrackers were not burning.

“Reasons behind the conditions of smoke are pollution due to firecrackers, cold atmosphere and no winds blowing due to which pollutants remain close to the ground,” Dr Waghela said.

Noise pollution, too, remained high at Kothari Market

The level of noise pollution was also high in Kothari Market area as it reached to double from the normal conditions. The level of noise reached to 101.4 decibels. It was 78.6 decibels on Diwali in 2019.

Level of pollutants on Diwali

Indore: Hazy Diwali, Kothari market area hits decibel count

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