Karl Marx
Karl Marx
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Marxism has had different points of view ever since philosopher Karl Marx came up with his philosophy. Unfortunately, the philosophy, which theoretically looks wonderful, is almost impossible to practice, as Russian, Chinese and Central, and Latin American governments have shown.

Yet, despite the flaws, Marx is revered even today. On Tuesday, Umar Khalid led the way in wishing social reformer Karl Marx on his 202nd birth anniversary.

"Reading Karl Marx is like unraveling the many layers of the world, finding order in chaos, the method behind the madness and most importantly the way out of this labyrinth. Happy Birthday Boss, you turn 202 today," Khalid tweeted.

Other left-leading individuals, too, wished Marx on the day

According to his Wikipedia entry, "Marx's critical theories about society, economics and politics – collectively understood as Marxism – hold that human societies develop through class conflict. In capitalism, this manifests itself in the conflict between the ruling classes (known as the bourgeoisie) that control the means of production and the working classes (known as the proletariat) that enable these means by selling their labour power in return for wages. Employing a critical approach known as historical materialism, Marx predicted that, like previous socio-economic systems, capitalism produced internal tensions which would lead to its self-destruction and replacement by a new system known as socialism."

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