Photo: Instagram/Wikipedia
Photo: Instagram/Wikipedia

In 1978, Madhu Kishwar became one of the founders of a magazine that has been described by many as a "feminist" journal. She was at the forefront of efforts to curb bride burning and domestic violence. The Journal she co-founded, 'Manushi - A journal about Women and Society' was at the forefront of establishing the concept of women's rights, and in many ways was the champion of suffering women across the country.

More recently, she made headlines on Monday, after calling actor Sushant Singh Rajput's embattled girlfriend "sex bait". In a tweet that continues to make waves even a day later, Kishwar hit out at Rhea Chakraborty and her father.

"More than this fortune huntress, mafia moll, Rhea Chakraborty, I marvel at her father, an ex army officer--using his own daughter as sex bait to trap rich men & eliminate them after gobbling up their money! Sadly, the glamour world is full of such sex baits," she tweeted.

Now, we're not saying that Kishwar is no longer a critic when it comes to injustice and societal problems. But the 'feminist icon' of several decades ago has certainly courted controversy in recent times.

"RAHUL-MALLYA LINK OUT: SPANDANA WAS RCB AMBASSADOR. And we know the kind of women found favour with Mallya. No wonder she rose so high so fast in Congress. Rahul Baba proves his taste is as immaculate as Mallya's," she had tweeted in 2018, hitting out at Congress leader Divya Spandana.

"We all know how and why bosses get employees who become a liability to resign instead of firing them! Who knows you might have retaliated with molestation and rape charges had you been fired @bainjal ji! Happens often," she told journalist Swati Chaturvedi during a Twitter spat.

She has also been fact-checked on several occasions for allegedly propagating incorrect information.

This latest post however falls somewhere in between.

Following her tweet on Rhea, many have criticised Kishwar, whose Twitter bio says that she is a professor and the founder of a human rights organisation. As many noted, this was perhaps an unnecessary attack, not based on any actual information. While exposes and allegations and accusations against Rhea Chakraborty seems to be the order of the day, or even the month, we have to remember that this is a case under investigation.

And while Kishwar or indeed any other person may make dozens of claims, none of this has been confirmed by officials or even given credence till now. But while an ordinary citizen slandering another individual is problematic, it is far worse when an influencer with over two million followers does the same.

And while we may not live in an ideal world, the idea of someone who has worked to make the world a better place for women attacking another woman based on speculative reports is a tad disturbing.

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