Comment on economy instead of talking about cow: Congress to PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for talking only about 'cow' and 'Om' and asked him to comment on the economy instead of diverting and digressing from real issues.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said he doesn't think there is anyone in the country who has a problem with the word 'cow' and 'Om'. "But, we have a problem with the prime minister not answering on the state of the economy and not talking on the numbers," he told reporters. "I find him (Modi) today speaking not on the economy but on 'cow and Om'. Somebody else speaks on how the Congress is doing. Is that the answer to the economy which I am raising, that is exactly divert, digress -- two Ds," Singhvi said.

He also said that while the prime minister is an eloquent speaker, he does not talk about the economic issues or the reasons cited by the finance minister on the slowdown. "The prime minister should speak on the numbers of the economy...," he said. Earlier in the day, Modi hit out at critics who argue that the mention of words 'Om' and 'cow' takes India centuries back, saying they are hell-bent on damaging the country. Modi's comments came after he launched a nationwide programme in Mathura to save livestock from foot and mouth disease.

Free Press Journal