New Delhi: Commenting on the stand-off in the Chumar area of Ladakh between Indian and Chinese troops, security expert Alok Bansal on Monday described it as a game of brinkmanship which was not at all desirable.

“The Chinese troops in the Chumar area had never withdrawn completely. Some of them had pulled back and they have now reinforced them. This is a game of brinkmanship trying to see who blinks first. There are 1000 plus troops of China and 1000 plus troops of India facing each other in a forward position,” Bansal told ANI.

He said such incidents on the border are undesirable, especially after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s successful tour of India. He also said there was a public expression of support for China during President Jinping’s visit and these sort of incidents would turn popular support against China.

According to reports, People’s Liberation Army soldiers entered the Chumur area of Ladakh earlier this week, and have not budged from their deployed positions.

On Sunday, Chinese soldiers erected tents in Indian territory despite being warned by the Indian Army to vacate.

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