Bangalore : If Shylock in the Shakespearian drama Merchant of Venice had demanded a pound of flesh from Antonio for failing to repay a loan, a woman in Bangalore chopped off the testicles of her debtor and almost left him dead bleeding.

According to the police, Kavita, the wife of a constable, and four others kidnapped realtor Gangadasappa near Magadi in West Bangalore, sedated him and cut his testicles for failing to repay a loan of Rs 25 lakh.

Gangadasappa woke up from sedation in the morning and found himself screaming in excruciating pain only to find his testicles missing and that he had bled profusely. When Kavita and her associates failed to silence him, he was dumped in a nearby hospital.

Police said Gangasaasappa is out of danger and that Kavita, who is a schoolteacher cum money lender and four others are on the run. “We will arrest them soon,” a senior police officer said.

The incident happened on the night of August 4. Apart from dealing in real estate, Gangadasappa alias Dasappa is also a gram panchayat member of Herohalli.

As he was waiting for a bus one Nanjunda and three others accosted Gangadasappa and asked him for their money.

“Nanjunda claimed that I owed him more than Rs 25 lakh, and demanded that I pay it immediately or hand over some signed blank cheques. I refused,“ Gangadasappa told the police.

After a heated argument, a scuffle broke out between Nanjunda and Gangadasappa. The Magadi town police bundled the group and took them to the police station. “Nanjunda told police I owed him some money. Police said it was a civil dispute and asked us to solve it amicably,” he said.

As Gangadasappa was walking out of the police station, Nanjunda and the others attacked him and bundled him into a car. They took him to the house of Kavita Ganganna. Gangadasappa knew Kavita well as he is the president of the school development committee where she works.

Kavita, who claimed part of the loaned amount, asked Gangadasappa to repay the outstanding dues or face the consequences. Another scuffle broke out and Kavita and Nanjunda stuffed sleeping pills into Gangadasappa’s mouth.

Gangadasappa got knocked out and woke up screaming the next morning. “I was bleeding from my private parts. Fearing I would die, they shifted me to a hospital and fled,” he said. Doctors found that his testicles had been surgically removed.

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