Amid race for COVID-19 vaccine, here are 5 side-effects doctors are wary of
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With surging COVID-19 cases the world is now waiting for a vaccine to stop the spread of the disease which has killed millions worldwide.

At present several candidates are trying their luck in the phase three trials of COVID-19 vaccine. Some of the results of the vaccine trials are quite impressive.

But what's important here is - what happens after the patient receives a shot. Well, some experts have shown concern and pointed out that there could be side-effects of the vaccine. PM Narendra Modi too underscored that both speed and safety were of essence while launching a vaccine and India would simply follow the scientific processes that are put in place.

He said the government is keeping a close watch on the development of vaccines and is in contact with Indian developers and manufacturers, along with the governments of other countries and international companies.

The prime minister forewarned that vaccines may have side-effects as it was an uncharted territory. He reminded his audience that ''medicines popular for the last 20 years and used by hundreds of thousands of people can lead to reactions in some cases, even today." ‘‘This may be the case with vaccines, too. Any decision should only be weighed on a scientific scale. Whatever vaccine makes it through the world's certified processes, we will have to accept them and move ahead."

Well, doctors too have warned of a few side-effects of the vaccine. Take a look at the side-effects:

Fever and chills

A volunteer at Moderna's trials complained of fever and chills for a few hours. He, however, said that it only lasted a few hours and did not require any medical aid.

Doctors have noted that fever and chills were common side-effects of the Moderna vaccine.


Headaches and mild body pain is another side-effect of the vaccine. It should be noted that most people have complained of mild headache and body pain after a taking any vaccine shot.


A vaccine shot can make on nauseous. A Moderna vaccine volunteer who received the highest dose of the shot experienced some of the side-effects including cramps, nausea, fatigue, vomiting.

Muscle pain

One can also experience muscle pain around the skin they received a shot.. It should be noted that all three major candidates - Pfizer, Oxfor-Astrazeneca and Moderna trials have experienced muscle pain and soreness as a side-effect of the shot. Patients can also experience redness and rashes after vaccination.


Some volunteers have said that they experienced migraines and one-sided headaches after receiving the shot. A Pfizer volunteer had a migraine attack after vaccination. Those who already suffer from migraine, vaccination could trigger it.

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