AIIMS professor shares 2 important factors for future COVID-19 waves
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Amid the fear instilled by the waves of COVID-19 and the third wave predicted to hit many countries espescially due to 'delta variant', Neeraj Nischal, Assistant Professor Department of Medicine, AIIMS (Delhi) has said that the upcoming waves will depend on 2 important factors, one is virus-related and second is human-related factors.

Neeraj Nischal explained that the mutation of virus is beyond the control of humans.

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, many health experts have recommended to follow protocols to avoid covid virus, and Neera Mischal opined the same saying through appropriate behaviour one can stop these waves.

Further speaking about the vaccine, he said, "Vaccination will help in preventing you from getting an infection even if u get infected then it will ensure that you don't get a severe form of the disease."

Another AIIMS member, Dr M V Padma Srivastava, head of department of neurology on Saturday said that everyone is predicting a third wave.

"Everybody is saying not to let your guard down. Otherwise we will hit the third wave. We have the history of hundred years ago that even the Spanish flu pandemic did have a third wave, so history is repeating itself. This is being said because of the number of variants and inappropriate behaviour among other things," she said.

With the government relaxing COVID-19 norms, people have become less lenient towards the standard operating procedures (SoPs).

While, AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria similarly like Neeraj warned if Covid-appropriate behaviour is not followed and crowding not prevented, the next wave of the viral infection can strike the country in the next six to eight weeks.

Until a sizeable number of the population are vaccinated, Covid-appropriate behaviour needs to be followed aggressively, he said and stressed on the need for stricter surveillance and area-specific lockdowns in case of a significant surge.

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