After case of 'Yellow Fungus' found, AIIMS Chief Dr Randeep Guleria warns of confusion

The fungus colour card is out -- black, white and now yellow – to avoid confusion about the nature of the infection and how it has impacted the body. Though black fungus cases are well documented, white and yellow remain in the realm of speculation. The yellow colour surfaced when a 45-year-old patient in Ghaziabad was found to have its symptoms, according to BP Tyagi, an ENT specialist.

According to the doctor, the symptoms of Yellow Fungus are lethargy, lack of appetite and loss of weight. In severe cases, there could be pus, wounds which take a long time to heal, malnutrition, organs not functioning or sunken eyes. ‘’Yellow fungus is generally found in reptiles. I found this first time in human," he said. Dr Tyagi told ANI that Yellow Fungus is a deadly infection that starts internally, so it is important to note any symptom that can help in early detection and treatment. The anti-fungal injection Amphoteracin B is believed to be effective against it, the doctor said, adding that this is the first such case he had come across.

Randeep Guleria, the chief of AIIMS, while speaking at the government's Covid briefing, said "many terms" were being used for fungal infections in Covid patients and these could be misleading and could create confusion. "Naming the same fungus based on its colours, depending on the area of infection, creates confusion," he said.

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