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Your week : 9th Dec’12 to 15th Dec’12


Aries: You will look at money and its joys and grab all financial openings with both hands. There is pleasure too and many occasions for the good times. Those married, will have to take a step back to avoid problems from worsening. Keep a watchful eye on what you eat, health might give you trouble.

Taurus: You will have a confused mind, which will make you little restless and aggressive. Minor health problems are likely. Avoid getting into pointless arguments. Don’t make financial decision in haste. Complication may rise in your on-going projects and will give birth to more tensions.

Gemini: Business oppor-tunities in construction sector will present itself. Spend some quality time with your family. Take a short break to relax. You will climb up the social and political ladder. Try to avoid taking risks. Your projects might face hurdles in the middle of the week giving rise to tensions.


Cancer:  You have to be apologetic and keep aside your ego to rectify your mistakes. Minor disagreement with your partner is likely. Hectic work schedule might take a toll on your health. Your judgement may be clouded due to lack of knowledge of complete facts. You have to keep patience while working with others.

Leo: Situations will be difficult at your work place but your ability to handle it will salvage the situation. Don;t hesitate to take advice from associates. Carefully review the trend before making decisions in your professional life. Business deals in properties, oil and steel sectors will be beneficial.

Virgo: You have a strong focus on work and it reaps rich dividends. There are indications of travel and new collaboration in business. You will enjoy respect and honour from learned people of your field. You will get full co-operation from superiors or people in responsible or influential positions.


Libra: Working people will be elevated to new and responsible post with large financial gains. Relationship between husband and wife will become strong. Your better half will help you solve problems that will boost your confidence. There will be chances to invest money in new property.

Scorpio: Domestic concerns will involve much outlay of time, energy, planning. But you will grow in so many ways that it will be worth it. Avoid controversies over matters that may range from petty to large issues. Reducing and simplifying your financial commitments would be a smart move.

Sagittarius: As far as your career and financial front is concerned you will surely be facing adversaries. Try to pay more attention to pending tasks. Those working, will have a likely chance of getting a promotion. Your ideas may not get accepted by higher authorities for time being, so don’t get nervous.


Capricorn: Your memory and particularity of completing any assignments in time will get appreciated by seniors in your profession. Set a path for new adventures. You will feel confident and assertive. You will feel somewhat stable in your office work. There will also be some ease of work load.

Aquarius: You will form lasting friendships with worthy people. You will be in good health and so will be the other members of your family. You will enjoy your family life which will be peaceful. At work place superiors will appreciate your honesty and commitment. Business meeting will be productive.

Pisces: Your adjusting nature will bring smile on faces of your seniors. Sportspersons will gain fame in their career. You will be moving in high circles and become more influential. You will have new acquisitions and precious adornments which will increase your satisfaction.

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