Your Day By  Nilikash P. Pradhan

Aries:- Arians are never afraid to go ahead not care to hoots. This is the right day to make decision to change work or to make progress in your professional life. If you have been hoping for a romantic evening this is the day to plan it.

Taurus:- Celebration excitement all comes flooding back. You will be successful in your professional life today. Romance with life partner will gain you confidence.

Gemini:- Your friends are responsible for your stroke of luck but your take so much time to select good friends those with interests of promotion or increments could hear of some positive news at work place.

Cancer:- There could be some problems at work which you have to resolve, and accusations from the home front of being a workaholic could cause added stress.

Leo:- You may suffer disappointment in love during your lifetime you attract influential friends. Students are going to perform well today. Today is the time to reap the success. Stay in the good books of bosses.

Virgo:- Take care of your eldest son. Today strong drinks should be avoided. Remember today there is nothing you can’t achieve provided you are ready to invest time money and energy. Keep all women in your life happy.

Libra:- Give time to your children to solve out their problems. Creative nature will help writers to write good scripts or articles. You like to buy quality products so don’t think about the price.

Scorpio:- you have good sense sympathy and understanding but you sense sympathy may be destroyed by your hot temper, today take care; women are your good luck charm.

Sagittarius:- It is very difficult to tackle the Sagittarians. Today is possible that injuries through falls or small accidents so take care while on wheels. Some of you will be in a romantic mood.

Capricorn:- If you’re pending work is more then surely you will be in trouble today. A surprise inspection is possible at your work place be prepare for it. Don’t let anyone down as he/she may help you in future.

Aquarius:- Your ambitious nature will win you power and prestige. Try to spend more time with your family. Those on the lookout for a domestic help will get. Today anything you do luck is on your side.

Pisces:- There might be more liabilities on your shoulder today at work place. Your talks must be low-pitched in business meetings. Try to reduce positions in stocks if trading them.

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