Your Day By  Nilikash P. Pradhan

Aries:- Hectic activity and distractions will make it tough for you to focus on your assignments. Don’t get irritable; go with the flow for now. Differences with family members are possible.

Taurus:- Health condition of one of your family member may cause concern for you. You may be falsely accused of something that you never did. It will be a stressful day for you at job.

Gemini:- Simmering issues at home could come to the fore and lead to confrontations. Don’t give in to provocations and lose your temper. Analyse the situation to see where you may also have to shoulder some of the blame.

Cancer:- This is the time when you have to share your thoughts and feeling with your life partner or loved ones so he/she can understand it. In politics and sports your performance is going to surprise others.

Leo:- In politics many people can go in your opposition so try to be calm don’t react on it. There are clashes all over in every sector. Sports don’t be overconfident on your performance as you may lose your fame.

Virgo:- There will be additional responsibility at work place. Do not over push yourself or become tense work steadily. Take good care of elders in the family. Your temper will get you in trouble.

Libra:- Your talks in business meetings will be surprising and you will attract opposite sex people by your skills and knowledge. Trading in metals and oil sector will increase your profits. Romance is in the air.

Scorpio:- A good day you could hear positive news regarding a family member or close friend. You will feel free by sharing your feelings with your best friend. Share trading will gain you excess money.

Sagittarius:- Take care of your eldest son. Today strong drinks should be avoided. Remember today there is nothing you can’t achieve provided you are ready to invest time money and energy. Keep all women in your life happy.

Capricorn:- At work place seniors and top boss will life your honesty and commitment. Don’t be into emotional pressures when making any decisions. Domestic life will be normal in the evening take care.

Aquarius:- There will be gains success in your venture. Happy times with loved ones and family, good companionship partner. It is hot and sweet day. Love at first sight is likely for some.

Pisces:- Those in the banking and insurance sectors might face problems at work. You will be able to withstand the competitive market. You would like to complete a deal of purchasing assets.

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