Aries:- You are impulsive and sensuous in your sex. A great deal of your energy is spent forming emotional relationship. If you think positive today you can cross any hurdle and can be able to complete your tasks.
Taurus:- You may need to give proper explanation to seniors on your current project about the delays. There is also a chance that you might get questioned for mismanagement of clients so be prepare for it.
Gemini:- Focus on leveraging your skill set. Consistent performance will pave the way for promotion. You may be invited as a guest speaker in a seminar or event. Your desire to come into the limelight will be fulfilled.
Cancer:- Overconfidence could lead to mistakes; bounce your ideas off close colleagues before you decide to implement them. Spending quality time with your partner will be a priority.
Leo:- You have to be alert and clear about what you want. This is not the time to share financial confidential, or be too trusting. Be cautious while on wheels.
Virgo:- There might be disputes and hot arguments at very small or avoidable issues. Decisions should be taken under utter caution. Invest very carefully and avoid investing in risky sectors.
Libra:- It is a not a good time for music, cinema and journeys as concentration might be divert and you may suffer due to a lack of mental peace. Chances of long distance journeys are very high.
Scorpio:- Your peace of mind will remain disturbed. The inflow of money will not be normal. Family member expectations shall remain unfulfilled. Work life will be filled with challenges, ego clashes and power plays.
Sagittarius:- You may have to attend out of town meetings or conferences today in your professional life and you will be impressive. This is the right time to develop your skills and gain more knowledge.
Capricorn:- Doctors Advocates and Managers may have to face some critical issues in their field. Avoid outside food as it may affect your health today. Love matters may be troublesome.
Aquarius:- There may be domestic squabbles and conflicts to handle well. You may also be arrogant, haughty and inconsiderate and hurt a lot of people in your day today life.
Pisces:- You may be restless and bored of your routine. Taking a short holiday with your partner will improve your love life. And you will also come back feeling rested and energised and with a renewed enthusiasm to tackle your commitments.

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