Aries:- Be discreet and tactful while discussing issues with seniors as there is a chance that your frank opinions could alienate them. You may find yourself in the spotlight when socialising.
Taurus:- You realise that your plate is filled with activities and that you are in for a hard slog. You are also ambitious and money is honey. Those in industrial business will see some pick up.
Gemini:- You need to accelerate slowly and steadily in love matters otherwise you might dash somewhere and everything will get over so keep patience. This is good time to settle past disputes at work place.
Cancer:- The hard work continues but no appreciation no increments keeps you frustrating day by day. Now very small part of such worst patch is remaining so try to sustain on your position.
Leo:- If you concentrate more on your recent projects you can complete it before time and can also new contracts. Your seniors will appreciate your work and new job opportunities will be coming.
Virgo:- You simply manage to outsmart the opposition and you do it so deftly that they may not even be aware of it. Major decisions with clients to get new contracts will be successful today.
Libra:- New relationship is going to go well. Your partner and friends will help you to come out from depression. In job and politics progress will be there but don’t expect any dramatic change.
Scorpio:- A change of attitude would be much needed for professional growth. Some help shall come from those near you for your career development and future ventures.
Sagittarius:- Opportunities related to rewards, recognition, offers and promotions may surround you. Your social circle would expand at a high pace and you’ll have a chance to meet unusual and extraordinary people.
Capricorn:- You will make progress and cover a lot of lost ground. You may make purchases and it will be filled with a love for beauty and all of good things of life. Opposite sex will get attracted to you.
Aquarius:- Opposite sex people will get attracted. Singles may find their partner. Try to complete any pending tasks in business. A few short trips are on the cards.
Pisces:- You have to be on your guard and to act slowly and with deliberation, lest you make a risky move and it boomerangs. Take proper care of your health. Drive cautiously today.

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