Weekly tarot predictions: Tarot card reading from April 18 to April 24, 2022 for all zodiac signs

From your love life to career and health to spirituality, find out what the cards reveal. Read on to know your weekly Tarot messages

Akshata Khanolkar | Updated on: Sunday, April 17, 2022, 03:18 PM IST

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay


Tarot Card: The Lovers

This week is about making choices. Show strength and pick a path that you feel is correct. It may not be the easiest but the advice is to choose with your heart. There shall be many new beginnings. Relationships will turn passionate. Singles could meet someone new. Be patient with loved ones and express your feelings. Overall, this is a very content week.


Tarot Card: Ten of Swords


The worst is over for you. The energy has been very challenging in the last few weeks and shall reach a resolution, especially in family and personal matters. It is important to not get impatient. Try to remain diplomatic even when speaking your mind. Take good care of your mental and physical health. Tap into your spiritual side.


Tarot Card: King of Cups


This is an emotionally empowering week. You shall be intuitive, sensitive, diplomatic and romantic. You may find it easy to connect to your spiritual side. This is a good time to heal emotional wounds that you or others have sustained. You may crave some time alone. It shall be time to focus on becoming more independent and financial self-sufficient.


Tarot Card: Hanged Man

There maybe some detours in your plans. However, believe in the Universe as it is supporting you. Your third eye and intuition will be very active this week. The focus will be on finances and new love. There is much opportunity to invite the energy to make abundant and sustained wealth in the coming weeks. People may approach you for advice.


Tarot Card: Strength


This is your major arcana card Leo! This is a supportive energy asking you to express gratitude towards all that you have received and shower grace on the energy that has provided you with all this abundance. You are ambitious and your passion shall bring new growth and financial opportunities. Do not hesitate to step into the limelight.


Tarot Card: Five of Wands

This is maybe a challenging week, Virgo. There is a lot of chaotic energy which will demand plentiful attention. Expect a lot of distracting calls, texts, messages or people who will argue and compete with you. Try to keep your cool and take breaks when overwhelmed. Do not let pride get in your way. You may have handled this in the past and you are equipped to manage this chaos.


Tarot Card: The Empress

There is excellent energy supporting you this week, Libra! Time to start putting plans together for your financial success. There is much abundance coming your way. Meticulously device a detailed plan and a back-up plan too. Proper study and evaluation will yield amazing results. Luxury and pampering is also on the cards.


Tarot Card: Six of Cups

The theme for Scorpios will be endings, new beginnings and nostalgia. You will fondly remember the past as you close cycles and move on in life. There is much travel and freedom waiting for you. You will feel a certain sense of calm as you accept all the changes that life has to offer. You may celebrate with your family and friends on the weekend.


Tarot Card: Four of Wands

Overall, this is a highly favourable week and luck is on your side for new beginnings. There could be a celebration in the family for some. Some will find a suitable match for marriage. Home and family relationships will improve. Work will also see good improvements, especially in groups and collaborations. Patiently, make the most of this period.


Tarot Card: Three of Swords

This could be a challenging week. Some decision may not go in your favour. Do not let pride get in your way. You have much strength to use logic to get to the heart of the matter. Make sure you are careful with your words. You may crave freedom and some time alone. Remember you are not alone and you can reach out to your friends and family for support.


Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles

There will be slow but sure progress in your situation, Aquarius. The focus will be on home, family and financial matters. Rest assured, you and your loved ones are safe. Even though you have observed delays, things will unfold just in the right timing. Long term financial planning is on the cards for some, while others could be offered a new job or financial opportunity.


Tarot Card: Two of Cups

This is an excellent week for love. The advice is to be bold and make the first move. For some, you need to remain open and comfortable with experimentation. There could be a father figure in your life who may become a little bossy. Be diplomatic in dealing with such a person. You may have certain decisions to make. Travel is on the cards for some of you.

Deck- White Sage Tarot

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