Updated on: Tuesday, December 07, 2021, 03:55 PM IST

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 7, 2021, for all zodiac signs

Want to know what's in store for you, and find out what your sun sign says about the day that will be? Read on our Daily Horoscope by Nilikash P Pradhan



Aries: You will continue to be troubled by tiredness and low vitality today. Some trials and tribulations will make everything harder, you may feel. Students must concentrate more on their studies.

Taurus: You will suddenly feel reluctant or make an effort at both the home and work front. It may be due to exhaustion of the last few days or it could just be because you are burnt out.

Gemini: The attitude you have developed towards your work and responsibilities will become finely tuned. You may be working more than your job profile demands or perhaps moonlighting for extra cash.

Cancer: Remember that you are not always right and listen to your partner and work together to figure out how to meet each other’s expectations.

Leo: Career will be on an upswing and there is recognition at work. Travel will be exciting; a visit to an uncharted destination is on cards. It’s time to be surrounded by genuine friends and take everything in your stride with a winning smile.

Virgo: You are doing great and are active and energised. Your emotional, spiritual and intellectual faculties are pronounced. You are filled with passion too, but it is passion for knowledge.

Libra: You meet all kinds of demands and responsibilities, and your mind is hyperactive. You will be more introspective and may even go on a pilgrimage. There might be some problems with your partner.

Scorpio: Troublesome domestic issues may surface and need to be resolved with intuition and wisdom. Your confidence in yourself nudges you in the right direction. You enjoy the company of like-minded people and feel secure in their company.

Sagittarius: This could be the time for a promotion, career hop or the development of your unique business concept. You should learn to slow down and relax.

Capricorn: You might notice that your enemies' activities are creating more problems for your position. You may be a little stressed today. Avoid junk food.

Aquarius: Long cherished desires will be fulfilled. Increased social honour is on the cards. If you maintain consistency in sports you can pull any victory. Increased income may be noted.

Pisces: Don’t be a workaholic and spend some time with your family. Business projects have to be certified otherwise problems may occur. Be cautious in legal matters. Minor injuries may occur while working in the kitchen.

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