The importance of health literacy in times of pandemic

When you start your journey from home to hospital, abundance of negative thoughts begins to appear and try to capture our brain. There are plenty of pressures in your subconscious mind and you go down in the deep ocean of sadness which get on your nerves and restrict you to think wisely. This article is based on the perspective of human psychology and medical awareness irrespective of Indian culture.

We are enriched by the diverse natural sources available in different part of Bharat, but still education and awareness is the type of traditional resource which are mandatory as basic, but are the most lacking resource in the current scenario. In the 21st century, where our country is planning to breathe on the Moon as well in Mars as well as planning for high medico facilities but in parallel with respect to this, our knowledge towards basic amenities and awareness regarding the same are not increasing above the toes.

This issue is not a concern with illiterate people or the people who are not from the medical background but it is in general widespread problems among the social species, which are known as common man.

As per the current available literacy rate in India which is around 75% and are much higher than many developed countries, but I am very sure that out of this a very few people are actual aware about their rights or about the system or the basic protocol of any hospital. Therapeutic success of any patient is mainly depending on its knowledge, because this enables the patients to exercise an important part in various disease controls and its treatment. In parallel to this, the attenders who are the backbone in all cases are suffering a lot due to incomplete information about hospital and treatment.

This is the reason we all are facing currently in the form of pandemic known as Covid-19. Lack of facts and information, improper functioning of medical function and unavailability of basic amenities are resulting a defect against this virus.

The only solution of this burning problem is to enhance the education system along with the practical exposure. Our education system is not skilled based due to which the exposure of doing any work in the field is challenging. For practical exposure our education system from nursery to post graduation must have one compulsory subject as practical exposure of different working system in which various industries like hospital, bank, government offices should be visited, small practical projects must be incorporated, compulsion of on job training on every grade irrespective of their classes. Exams also must be conducted as per their level. Apart from education, oral language skills are also important to understand spoken medical advice or treatment directions.

Solutions are not always available for every problem, sometimes as per the requirements, the solution are being created. Then the system will improve, the citizens will be more aware and the nation will be flourished.

(The author is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Coral Hospital and Research Centre)

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