Srotas: Body Channels

The word ‘srota’ has been used frequently in the preceding pages related to the channel systems of the body. Many of the srota systems are equivalent to the physiological systems of the body like the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. It should be clear by now that a clean and healthy srota with the proper flow of energy is necessary for a healthy body. Srota systems are as important as the dosas, malas and dhatus. Srotas and their functions are briefly described in Table 10.

All body parts that are hollow (dominated by the space element), which carry water, food, mala, dhatu, sound and nerve impulses are called ‘srota. ‘They also transport essential materials like the dhatus from one part of the body to another. Since they circulate various substances throughout the body, they are termed ‘srotas’ or the channels’2*. These hollow body parts have different shapes and sizes. Some are tubes, others are long, thin and wide and others have a complex system of branches, much like creepers. Some srotas are visible to the naked eye, while many others are not. They are usually of the same color as the substances that they carry.

Table 10: Srotas – Causes of Vitiation, Symptoms and Treatment




Name and Function


Controlling Organs


Cause of vitiation








Pranavahu xrota (carries breath and life -force)


Heart and alimentary canal


Wasting, suppression of natural urges, eating dry foods in excess, exercising while hungry.


Obstructed, shallow or rapid breathing. Bronchial asthma also relates to it.


Treatment for respiratory problems such as bronchial asthma.




Udakavaha srota (carries water and other liquids like juices of liver and pancreas)


Palate, pancreas


Exposure Lo heat, heat stroke, indigestion, excessive intoxication, eating extremely dry foods and remaining thirsty.


Dry lips, tongue, palate and throat.


Treatment for excessive thirst.




Annavaha srota (carries food ingested from the mouth)


Stomach, left portion


Irregular eating habits, over-eating, eating unhealthy food and low digestive power.


Loss of appetite, anorexia, vomiting, indigestion.


Remedies for ama doxa and indigestion work well.




Rasavaha srota (carries chyle, lymph, plasma)


Heart and the blood vessels connected with heart


Worry, diet comprising of excessively heavy, cold and greasy foods.


Anorexia, nausea, heaviness, drowsiness, syncope, anemia, impotency.






Raktavarui srnta (carries blood, especially hemoglobin)


Liver, spleen


Pungent, hot and oily food, exposure to excessive sun and heat.


Chronic skin diseases, intrinsic hemorrhage (bleeding), abscesses, inflammation in anus and genital organs.


Blood-letting   in diseased parts.




Mamsavaha srota (carries ingredients of muscular tissues)


Tendons, ligaments and skin


Sleeping immediately after meals, frequent intake of heavy and gross foods in bulk.


Severe skin diseases, palate inflamation, g ran u lorn a, myoma, piles, goiter, adenitis, tonsilitis, cancers and non-malignant growths.


Surgery, heal therapy and ksara therapy (local application of alkalis). Pranayama to strengthen the life force, which can even cure cancer and other malignant growths.




Medovaha srata (carries ingredients of adipose tissues)


Kidney, adipose (fat) tissue in the abdomen


Sleeping during the daytime, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol and oil- rich diet.


Severe urinary disorders, diabetes.


Weight reduction remedies or anti-obesity treatment, lightning therapy, fasting, yoga and exercise.














Axthivaha am la

(carries nutrients that nourish bones)



bone and tissues


Excessive exercise involving friction of bones, intake of food that causes Vattt.





Cracking or distortion of nails and teeth, pain in bones, bones cancer, change in hair texture (because hair is the waste product of bone).




Pancakarma foasti (enema) using bitter herbal medicines processed with milk and clarified butter.






9.Majjavahu srota (carries nutrients of bones, joints and bone marrow)Bones and joints


Incompatible food (fish and milk, honey and hot foods),  injury to bone

marrow by crushing,





Pain in joints, giddiness, fainting, loss of memory, blackouts, deep abscesses.






Using sweet and bitter substances, sexual activity, exercise, elimination of dosa on time and in right amount.









Sukravaha srotu  Sex at improper




Virility and




(carries sperm,


 time, unnatural


infertility, abortion,


dhatu restorative




ovum and their


 sex, suppression or


defective pregnancy.


treatment. Use of






 excess of sex.








Mtttravaha srota


 Food, drinks and


Excessive or no


Same treatment as




(carries urine)


 sex during urge


urination. Frequent


for dysuria (difficult






 for urination,


urination, viscous








 suppression of the










 urge for urination.










 specially by those










 suffering from


















Purisavaha srota


 Suppression of urge


I, ess or excessive


Treatment similar




(carries fecal matter)


 to defecate, intake of


excretion of fecal


to the one given






 food before digestion


matter, hard stool.


in diarrhea, using






 of previous meal,




laxatives and






 weak digestion.




purgatives, balanced diet and yogasanas.




Svedavaha srota


 Excessive exercise,


Absence of


Treatment as for




(carries sweat)


 anger, grief, fear.


or excessive


fever, balanced






 exposure to heat.


perspiration, dryness


exercise, balanced








of skin. Horripilation


diet and drinks. In








(Hair erection).


excess perspiration








Burning sensation


drink juice of








on the skin.


tinospora (giloya),










leaves of Bengal










quince (hilva) and










Indian rosewood










tree (xisama).


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