Revealed: What goes into  McDonald’s burgers

London : McDonald’s recently invited an external camera crew inside their factories to rubbish the rumours of ‘pink slime’, worm meat used in their food, reports ANI.

The Good Morning America (GMA) crew went to the fast food chain’s California plant and showed consumers exactly what goes into their burgers, for the first time, the Independent reported. The company has been also inviting the public to send questions via Twitter and Facebook about what actually goes into their food.

In lieu of the campaign, McDonald’s told GMA their beef is a mixture of leener beef trim and fattier trim and showed videos with burgers that could stay intact after several weeks or even years. To a question regarding worms in the burger, the fast food chain just said “No. Gross! End of story.”

The burger chain also cleared the doubt that pink slime, or lean textured beef trimmings treated with ammonia, were not used in their burgers since 2011.

Mc Donald’s admits to using azodicarbonamide (ADA) in its buns and rolls to keep the bread consistent in each batch that is used for some non-food products, such as yoga mats. But the food chain reported that the salt used in food at home is a variation of the salt you may use to de-ice sidewalk. The same is true of ADA it can be used in different ways and it is no unhealthy element.

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