People in desk jobs gain weight for sure

 New York : If you have gained extra waistline, do not get enough sunlight for your bones and strain your eyes in front of a computer screen, you have all reasons to complain about your desk job, says IANS. Over 50 percent of employees who are deskbound said in a latest survey that they do not get enough physical activity. Also, staring at a computer screen for most of the day and being stuck inside are the biggest disadvantages of having a desk job.

Nearly half of employees surveyed gained weight in their current position compared to 30 percent of workers in non-desk jobs. “Overall, 58 percent of workers in desk jobs categorise themselves as overweight compared to 51 percent of their peers in non-desk jobs,” said the survey from a leading job portal CareerBuilder.

The study was based on a survey of 2,095 employees who typically work behind a desk and 1,102 people who do not work behind a desk. Additionally, 24 percent said they do not like working at a desk because there is not enough variety in their work. While 23 percent said there are too many distractions like disruptions from co-workers. There are some positive sides too. Employees who work in desk jobs reported earning higher salaries.

For someone in non-desk job, not being informed about new company developments, having less chance for upward mobility and fewer face-to-face interactions with company leaders and peers are the disadvantages.

Free Press Journal