Paying more makes food taste better

Washington : A new research has

suggested that taste perception, as well as guilt of overeating, can be managed by manipulating its price, reports ANI.

Public health researchers and health advocates

focused on how all-you-can-eat buffets influence people’s eating habits, some advocates have proposed imposing special taxes on buffet consumers or restaurant owners.

Wansink, who is the author of ‘Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life’, which is an upcoming book about how design choices influence eating behavior, said that this is an example of how a really small change can transform a person’s interacts with food in a way that doesn’t entail dieting.

The study fits within a constellation of other work by Wansink and others

offering insights about how health behaviors can be manipulated by small changes, such as putting the most healthful foods first in a display or using a smaller dinner plate.

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