Heart Attack: The Golden Hour

The golden hour is a window of opportunity that impacts a patient’s survival and quality of life following a heart attack. The golden hour is a critical time because the heart muscle starts to die within 80-90 minutes after its stop getting blood supply.

Almost 50% of deaths due to heart attack occur during this period due to irregular heart beating called ventricular tachycardia or vetricular fibrillation. However, if if the person reaches the hospital and gets treated within this period she/he can expect near complete recovery. What are 3 important steps if you suspects heart attack?

Recognise the symptoms:

1. Heaviness or pressure over the chest while at rest or minimal exertion, associated with restless, sweating, radiation of pain to arms, back or jaw.

2. Breathlessness particularly in diabetes.

3. Upper abdominal discomfort with nausea, weakness.

 Call for help immediately: Don’t drive yourself to the hospital. Reach the Hospital. Don’t wait for family doctor to visit you. Even if there is slight suspicion that the symptoms could be heart attack. Chew tablet of aspirin immediately unless you have a peptic ulcer. Once you are at the hospital the doctors will try to get rid of the clot in the coronary artery either with the help of a clot buster medicine (thrombolysis) or preferably with a procedure called primary angioplasty if the facility is available. Only a few hospitals in Mumbai have round the clock (24×7) facility of doing primary angioplasty which is the preferred therapy. Ideally the artery has to be opened within 90 minutes of reaching the hospital door (door to balloon time). The earlier blood supply is re-established, the lesser would be the damage to the heart.

Be prepared: Keep the contact numbers of nearby hospitals and ambulances stored in your cell phones. Try to reach the nearest hospital with round the clock facility for primary angioplasty as soon as possible rather than waste time in traveling to hospital of your choice,which may be far away.

prevention of coronary artery disease(CAD).All the risk factors like high blood pressure,diabetes,high cholesterol,obesity,sedentary life style are silent killers.Get yourself checked by an expert cardiologist at regular intervals.

Dr. Nazir J.Juvale

D.M (CARD), M.D(Bom.) M.N.A.M.S (MED)


Consultant Cardiologist,

Jaslok Hospital, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Saifee Hospital

Hon. Professor of Medicine,

Grant Medical College, Mumbai.

Clinic Tel: 022-2308 2424/022 2309 4848

Email: drjuvalenazir@gmail.com.

Mobile: 9322519715

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