Google boss’ first resume revealed

Written in coded computer language, the resume discloses that Sergey Brin’s aspired of a ‘large office, good pay, very little work’

Google boss’ first resume revealed

Sydney : Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s first resume, written in secret code, while he was a Ph.D. student, showcased high aspirations about the workplace with little work, says ANI.

An old copy of Brin’s resume has surfaced, showcasing his work, research and hacks before he co-founded Google with Larry page.

According to, Brin buried his career objective in the document’s HTML code and when inspecting the source code, it revealed that the co-founder aspired of a ‘large office, good pay and very little work.’

One of the objectives also requested ‘frequent expense-account trips to exotic lands’. The report said that back in 1998, Brin was working on a Netflix-like movie-rating project that would predict which movies you may want to watch based on other users’ reviews.

The co-founder today runs the secretive Google X laboratory, which explores the latest in tech futurism, including self-driving cars, Google Glass and contact lenses that measure glucose, the report added.

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