The global temperature is on an increase and we can feel it very much through our daily sweats. The in-room temperatures are also increasing and that too when you are pregnant. There are multiple ways to cool your body temperature with the help of fruits and other self-help methods. But once you have delivered and have a cute little one to whom you cannot feed these fruits or do any baby spa, the obvious question becomes how do you keep him or her cool? Air conditioners sales are surging, thanks to the increase in global temperature. We all are well adapted to the AC environment. We can adjust the temperature if we are feeling cold or hot. But what about the baby? Is an AC good for the baby? Can we expose the baby to the AC? The answer to all these questions is a big yes! It is very much safe provided that you take few precautions. During one of my stint with a gynecologist in Chandigarh, I learned that ACs keep babies away from the hot, humid and airless environment.

A newborn baby, unlike adults, cannot adjust their body temperature. This is the reason why babies are vulnerable to overheat and heat-related illness. Some experts even believe that a properly cooled and a ventilated room will keep the baby at sound sleep and will also prevent from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Under an AC, the body can turn too cold and lower the body temperature to a great extent. So it is ideal to maintain an ideal body temperature. Cover the baby with a soft cotton cloth if the temperature is a bit low. Also, make sure you touch and feel the body temperature every now and then. Keep your baby from the direct airflow from the AC. Cover the head with a light cotton head cap so that the soft layer of skin is not absorbing too much of coldness.

Get your AC serviced regularly as ACs are subjected to give our foul smell and spread infectious air into the room. This may cause respiratory infections to the baby. Hence it is very important to keep the surrounding air clean and fresh. Also, if you are taking the baby in the car, turn on the AC and let the air out by keeping the windows open. This will help the hot stagnant air to come out of the car. If there is any discomfort for the baby, visit a pediatrician near.

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