Diamond Merchant Nirav Modi, who is involved in the Punjab National Bank’s scam, is believed to escape to Brussels. Modi is involved in one of the biggest bank scams and was earlier in London seeking political asylum from United Kingdom.

According to a report by a leading daily, Modi and his brother Nishal, a Belgian national, are believed to have fled to Brussels. Modi fled to Brussels after the CBI requested Interpol for a Red Corner Notice (RCN) against him. Indian High Commission was awaiting confirmation from the British government about his presence in the country. He is possibly travelling on a Singapore passport and not on an Indian one.

According to the report, there is no movement detected on his Indian passport since March 31, 2018, which proves that he is not using it. Since the non-bailable warrant against Modi is on his Indian passport, Indian government cannot do much if he is travelling on his Singapore passport. In such a case, Indian government will need to put pressure on the Singapore government for actions against Modi.

An official from Indian High Commission informed that only the UK immigration department know about the passport which Modi is using for travelling. He also said that there is a possibility that Modi may be using fake Indian passport. Also, he might also be traveling using the revoked Indian passport and since other countries do not have that information, they might be letting him through. In the last few months, Modi has been seen at various international places like Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Belgium and now in London.

Nirav Modi, the billionaire luxury diamond jewellery designer, founder, and creator of the Nirav Modi chain of diamond jewellery retail stores was booked by the CBI on February 5, 2018, for his involvement in the cheating case that involved transactions worth Rs. 280 crore. In addition, on February 14, PNB filed two complaints against Modi after it detected fraudulent transactions worth Rs. 13,000 crore in a South Mumbai corporate branch.

Nirav Modi fled the country in the first week of January along with his family, before the PNB detected about the Rs.13, 000 crore fraud. The Income Tax department raided over 50 offices and residential premises owned by Modi and seized cash, jewellery and several documents that revealed tax evasion by his firms, including bogus documents of purchases and cash sales.