New Delhi: Downplaying the electoral success of the BJP, the Aam Aadmi Party today said that the Narendra Modi wave has diminished with every assembly election and it would not be a factor in upcoming Delhi polls.

Addressing a news conference here, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said the BJP had claimed that it would make a foray in the valley, but it has failed to do so and its performance in Jharkhand has gone down if compared to the results in Lok Sabha.

“The BJP claimed that the Lok Sabha wave would continue. But the intensity started reducing after every passing election…say after Maharashtra and Haryana. The tail wind has gone and it will have no effect on the Delhi election even if Modi is made a factor,” Yadav said.

He added that it was expected that the BJP would do very well in the Jammu region, but the saffron party has failed to open any account in the valley.

“If you look at the assembly election last year, you will realise that the BJP got 2/3 majority in Madhya Pradesh and 3/4 majority in Rajasthan, but they could only get 32 seats in Delhi.

“Look at their performance now, the BJP is just touching the required number to form the government in Jharkhand,” party’s Delhi convenor Ashutosh said.

Free Press Journal